Unbiased Research. Certified Proof.


Most of AMCI Testing’s work is behind the scenes, because our clients are almost always major automotive manufacturers looking for a critical and truthful evaluation of their own product vs. the competition. The vast majority of our work remains private because—quite frankly—it’s covered by NDA and may not always put that client’s product in the most positive light. The critical honesty we bring to board rooms, marketing departments, and engineering groups is what makes our results so valuable. It’s what enables them to drive product improvements and improve a model or brand’s competitiveness.

On occasion however, the results of our research are so positive that we encourage our clients to go public. We’re proud of the fact that going back three decades, our work has provided the real-world substantiation for many of the most memorable comparative-product claims in the industry. And due to the depth of the scientific protocols we’ve developed—covering hundreds of test areas—no AMCI Testing Certified Claim has ever been retracted or modified due to a competitor’s legal challenge. We take our work, and our obligation to tell the truth, both personally and seriously. Many consumers are basing their purchase decisions on the strength of our word; and we want them to know they can count on the absolute validity of our results.

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